Did you receive a guitar I built for you recently? Had a repair job done? Wanted to share your experience with others? Please make your voice heard. (please scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your comment)

By the way, even though I enjoy hearing praise and positive feedback, I also invite your constructive criticism and suggestions.


  1. Craig Jordan says:

    I recently had Peter repair a nearly 20-year old student-level, Spanish guitar that played poorly and sounded worse. Peter leveled the frets, installed a new bridge saddle, and performed an overall setup on the guitar. The result of Peter’s repair work significantly improved both the playability and sound of my guitar. Additionally, Peter completed the work very quickly and at a very reasonable price. I couldn’t recommend him higher to anyone needing repair or guitar restoration. It is obvious that Peter takes a great deal of pride in his work and has a passion for the guitar. Thank you Peter for your excellence and professionalism, and I look forward to working with you on designing a new guitar.

    Craig Jordan

  2. Jubal says:


    What a guitar!

    Beautiful look, rich tone pallette….

  3. Gene Barbanera says:

    Peter! You did such a great job adjusting my 1970 Miguel Co. classical guitar. It plays wonderfully. Thank you for your meticulous attention to detail. I’m sure mine was a minor job for you, but you you approached it the same as an important new guitar build. I also appreciated timely communication throughout the process. Thanks again Peter!!!

  4. Bill S. says:

    I’m nearly in tears, because the guitar’s voice is so beautiful and she is so pleasing to the eye. Thanks so much Peter. You are a gentleman and craftsman in the best sense of both concepts!

  5. David H. says:

    I heard about Peter from other guitarists and then did a little research on the Internet to learn more about him. Located in Portland, Oregon, Peter is about an hour’s drive for me, and I was excited to find someone in the area who might be able to do some finish work on my 2002 Paulino Bernabe Concerto classical guitar.

    I took my guitar to Peter to do some refreshing of the French polish and install of a fret dot. Until I dropped off my guitar, I had never had the opportunity to play his guitars or meet this exceptional luthier and artesan.

    When I returned yesterday and picked up my guitar, I was amazed at the brilliant French polish restoration, I’m sure Paulino Bernabe would be extremely proud of how Peter respected his creation.

    In addition to the refinishing and adding a permanent fret dot on the seventh fret, Peter repaired deep nail marks on the cedar soundboard that had been on the guitar when I purchased it in 2010, refreshed the French polish over the entire instrument and repaired cracks under the Fustero tuning heads.

    For the amount of work and artistry involved in this process, the price was surprisingly affordable. Peter is a fine craftsman with high standards for his work and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a luthier in NW Oregon.

  6. Troy Knapp says:


    WOW…I’ve been in a bit of a trance since my new guitar arrived early this evening. It’s beautiful, has a terrific feel and sounds amazing. I’m blown away by how dynamic it is. From the delicate sweet passages to rasgueados that sound like a machine gun. So powerful, like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

    Thank you for creating such a special instrument for me, with all of the personal touches. I look forward to the day I can meet you in person to personally extend my gratitude.

  7. Walt says:


    The guitar arrived safely Friday. I was literally stunned at how good it is in every way. My biggest hope was for it to be comfortable to play. It’s perfect. It fits me like a glove, I’m sounding better than ever and there is no learning curve. I knew it would be beautiful even before seeing the pictures, but I had to see it first hand to realize how astonishing it is.

    But of course, it’s mostly about the sound. It is unique as far as I know. Has the deep “woody” tone I hoped for and a powerful ring. I’ve been trying all my slow pieces, and it has exactly the sustain I want. Makes granainas, tarantas etc. sound flamenco, not classical. I don’t know the technical term for the dying off curve, but it’s perfect for the sound I want.

    Congratulations on another work of art! Please let me know what strings those are. They sound as good as my usual ones, and the copper and black looks terrific on this particular guitar.

    My very best,

  8. Dan S. says:

    I have a nice classical guitar, high-quality and hand-made but not by a single luthier (and not in the same league as Peter’s guitars). It played well, except that on higher notes on the high-E string, I would tend to slip off the edge of the neck. Peter realized right away that the placement of the bridge was slightly off. He filled and redrilled the holes in the bridge for the strings, and converted it to a 12-hole bridge at my request to make the string ties a bit cleaner. It looks perfect, and it is impossible to see the original holes without looking very closely. He also readjusted the tuners, and they now feel noticeably smoother. I’m really impressed by Peter’s workmanship. He’s also a really nice and friendly guy, and I’ve enjoyed visiting his workshop.

  9. Erez says:

    Hello Guys,

    I am very happy to receive today my new flamenco Negra made by Peter Tsiorba (Champion)!!! (: This is the second guitar Peter made for me .

    The guitar was constructed based on Paco De Lucia’s main concert flamenco guitar (same dimensions and woods). I personally received all the information from a very good friend familiar with Paco’s guitar. The soundboard is German spruce master grade AAA top of the line. The color is the royal Spanish orange. Peter did a great job with the color. Back and sides are constructed with Pau Ferro, and not with Brazilian rosewood as most of us thought about Paco`s guitar (at least I did). The fret board is of very dark African ebony and the tuners are Fusteros with black pearl buttons. WOW!!! What else can I say. Flawless job. Flawless flamenco guitar that I could only dream of. Playing on a 664/52 scale is the best for flamenco in my opinion. The notes are clear and powerful. I have been playing guitar for over 43 years now. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to play many top of the line flamenco guitars. This one is the best yet!

    Thank you Peter.

    God Bless you.

  10. Alex Kelsh says:

    I had a great time doing business with Peter. He is a very warm, friendly person, who loves to share his passion for guitars. As someone who is a bit of a beginner when it comes to guitars, I knew what I wanted done to my guitar, but I was a little intimidated at first to seek out a professional luthier.

    I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. Peter is very patient and thorough in his explanations, and the work he did (a saddle replacement) completely changed my guitar for me. I was hesitant to seek out the professional repair partly because I wasn’t sure if my cheapish guitar was worth spending the money on. Getting it done right, though, has made all the difference, and I’m so happy with the work.

    If you are considering seeking out a luthier, I would highly recommend at least giving Peter a call, having a chat about the work you’d like done, and seeing if he can give you a quote. He is a well of information and is very free with his advice, and he will give you an honest appraisal of the condition of your instrument and your options for repairs. I will definitely be calling on Peter in the future if I have any more guitar work that needs to be done!

  11. Aaron C says:

    I recently received an amazing maple blanca from Peter. Aside from it sounding great, which I could go on and on about, the workmanship is impeccable and I can play it for hours without fatigue. I am one of the pickiest players when it comes to guitars you’ll find and I have enjoyed every minute with this guitar.

    A very important point for me when making an instrument purchase of this caliber is communication. Peter answers emails promptly and always seems to have time for his clients. You never feel as if you’re just another sale. Beyond all that you get a lifetime warranty. Who else does that!? Peter stands behind his work.

  12. Sam Champie "El Vertigo" says:

    Having made 3 classical and flamenco guitars myself in the 1970’s, I was pleased to find out about Peter several years ago. My state of Oregon has several world renown flamenco and classical guitar makers. I had always been a fan of Spanish made guitars, especially those of Andalusia, owning several from famous makers. A friend from out of state stopped by to visit me a few years back and wanted to visit other flamenco guitarist and guitar makers. I suggested he visit Peter, whom I had not met at that time and check out his shop and instruments in person. He was so impressed with one that Peter was making for himself, that he bought it even though it wasn’t French polished yet. Upon getting this report, I called Peter and found his ideas on guitar making to my liking. He was willing to make me one using figured maple back and sides, the size I preferred, and braced to my liking. When I received this guitar months later it was phenomenal and better than any of the expensive Spanish master guitars I had owned or played. I decided to do some soundboard thinning and neck shaping on the 1974 negra I had made. I was so impressed that I commissioned Peter to French polish the top and neck and do any adjustments necessary. His work was outstanding. I had a vision of making a flamenco from Oregon Juniper and other woods all from Oregon. Peter was more than willing to tackle this unique project and the results were amazing. I was and continue to be so impressed, that I commissioned Peter to make me another all Oregon wood guitar that I had been collecting wood for. I look forward to this being the best one ever. Peter works nearly entirely with hand tools and his connection with the wood, listening to it sing as he shapes it, is evident in each guitar he makes being unique.

    Link to one of the guitars built for me: http://www.tsiorba.com/alternative-local-tonewood-flamenco-guitar-origen-de-oregon

  13. Ron P. Laran says:


    Thank you for the wonderful setup and repair of my guitar. Your work is top shelf and the result is far more than I was expecting at such a reasonable price. I will not hesitate to recommend you and will use your services in the future should the need arise. Thanks again!


  14. PETER TSIORBA’S AIRE (Super-light Flamenca Blanca)
    A Player’s Appreciation
    by Gerard Edery

    Greetings to lovers of all things “guitar” !!!

    You know who you are. The right guitar comes along and you feel your heart begin to beat just a bit faster, your creative juices begin to flow, time comes to a standstill and you just can’t stop playing her. You also know that you must have this instrument, that your very existence depends on having this new ‘babe’ in the arsenal, that a deeper inspiration awaits you with this new sound. If you have experienced any of these feelings then read on.

    The ‘Aire’ was introduced to me by my dear friend and colleague Frank Wolf who had the good fortune of discovering Peter Tsiorba and his passionate but precise lutherie. Frank was about to buy this guitar but then he made the mistake of letting me play it. All of the feelings I described above overwhelmed me and when I also began to sing with her I was a goner. The beauty of tone, the incredible projection, the ease of playing and the lightness of the instrument just blew me away. Of course, I had experienced all of these qualities in many of the fine instruments I own, but never all together.

    I began using her in recording sessions immediately and the result was more beautiful than I could have imagined. She wanted to be caressed, played with sensitivity but she also completely responded to my more aggressive rasgueados without ever sounding overdriven or distorted, the test of a true blanca. I also played her for several solo concerts and she complimented my baritone voice perfectly. The sonic chiaroscuro (light/dark) had just the right balance.

    As you can see, my enthusiasm for the ‘Aire’ is great. But even greater is my anticipation of the new ‘negra’ Peter is building for me!

    Yours in Music,

    Gerard Edery

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