Guitar Repair & Restoration

Repair and maintenance of a fine classical or flamenco guitar is not a matter of “if,” but of “when.”  Aside from strings, nuts and saddles wear out, as do frets.  French polish will eventually need touch-up work. Cracks in wood are not uncommon.  Fortunately, most of these issues are manageable, and with proper skill and attention, can be remedied.  In fact, some of the best guitars have many battle scars to show. A pristine-looking vintage guitar usually implies lack of use and playing.

I’ve repaired dozens of guitars, addressing anything from minor set-up issues to major restoration work. If you have a guitar that needs attention, feel free to call or e-mail me.  Photos illustrating a problem, if available, may be helpful.

I offer a full range of repair and restoration services for classical and flamenco guitars.  Here are just a few examples.

  • fret leveling
  • tuning machine adjustment or replacement
  • Flamenco pegs service, both wooden pegs, as well as planetary geared pegs
  • complete re-fretting, including fingerboard replacement if necessary
  • nut and saddle adjustment or replacement
  • french polish touch-up or complete refinish if necessary
  • soundboard, back and sides crack repair work
  • installation of tap plates (golpeadores) for flamenco guitars
  • re-gluing of lose braces or fans
  • neck re-set when guitar’s action cannot be normalized by less drastic methods
  • worn bridge tie block repairs

Converting friction pegs to mechanical tuners and vise versa!

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