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Below are a few of my guitars recorded before they left my workshop. I am certain that a good recording engineer could’ve “improved” the sound of my guitars in the way in which they sound over the internet. As you listen, please keep in mind that the recordings were made with simple, consumer-level devices, and the guitars were still quite “green.” The nuance and range of my instruments typically exceed both the capabilities of my current recording equipment as well as my sound engineering skills (unless the engineering is done in wood). In time, I hope to be adding more sophisticated, professionally recorded content. Until then, enjoy the videos, with all their limitations and unabashed simplicity!

Flamenco Guitar: Santos plantilla (quilted maple and European spruce body)Flamenco flamenca blanca maple guitar

Classical guitar: Maple body & cedar soundboard (based on Santos Hernandez)WRC guitar top maple guitar

Flamenco guitar: Monterey cypress & Engelmann spruce

Flamenco guitar: Spanish cypress and Engelmann spruce

Flamenco Guitar: Pale-colored woods 640mm scale length

Flamenco guitar: Blanca

Flamenco: Maple and spruce

Super light-weight flamenco guitar: La Aire 1002 g.

Classical Guitar–Hauser-based

Luthier preview– Peter Tsiorba

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