Classical Guitar: East Indian Rosewood & Wester Red Cedar

#78 $6,500

This guitar is warm and resonant, with excellent projection and balanced tone.

Tonewoods: East Indian rosewood back & sides, western red cedar soundboard, Spanish cedar neck, ebony fingerboard.

Scale length: 650mm with 52mm spacing at the nut

Tuners: Irving Sloane, with black rollers and ebony buttons

To purchase, please contact me

tsiorba-classical-guitar78 1 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 2 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 3 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 4 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 5 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 6 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 7 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 8 tsiorba-classical-guitar78 9  tsiorba-classical-guitar78 11

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