Paco de Lucia with a Tsiorba guitar

On the 7th of April, 2012, Paco de Lucia was giving a concert in Savannah, Georgia (USA). My recently completed walnut/maple/spruce flamenco guitar along with its owner flamenco guitarist Scott Bank were attending the concert. Scott (also known as Rumbaking) got to meet Paco, and show off his new guitar.

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5 Responses to Paco de Lucia with a Tsiorba guitar

  1. Hola Peter, Felicidades! I’m sure Paco thought great things about your guitar, but the important thing is that El Rumbaking loves it so much! That is priceless!

  2. Carla Kelly says:

    Congratulations, not only for snagging a picture of Paco with your guitar,
    but for the magnificent guitar itself.
    Most Excellent,
    Carla Kelly, Luthier
    Barefoot Guitars

  3. Scott Bank says:

    As you can imagine my time with Paco was very short and he only played the guitar briefly. But he did say it was very beautiful and sounded good. Of course we all know he endorses another guitar maker (name unmentioned) and would never go against that arrangement, but I would be very curious to know what he would have said about the guitar if he would have had a few hours to play it…..The sound is so perfect and it feels just perfect……I can’t imagine him not being blown away by the guitar! Everyday I play it, it sounds better and better! :)

  4. Jerom Gilbert says:

    Thats so cool!What did Paco think of the guitar?

  5. EREZ says:

    Peter ,

    This is great !!! I was hoping that one day Paco will play your guitar and will enjoy your great guitars like I Do and my wish came true.

    This is wonderful.

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